Teaching Methodology

Numbers are rarely a child's best friend but now, that's all set to change!
  • Hands on practical knowledge through the Maths lab feature
  • Simulations and real life examples to provide useful insights
  • A wide variety of activities(around 1000+) in order to help the students visualize complex mathematical problems easily
  • All content as per the NCERT curriculum
Fluency in language and the academic pursuit of choice!
  • Usage of Indian accents and tone for greater ease in understanding
  • Indian characters for greater relevance
  • A comfortable pace of speech that can be followed by most students
  • Accurate terminology to minimize confusion while understanding the concepts
  • Accurate grammar pronunciation in both Hindi and English
Science & EVS
Curiosity is a virtue and we nurture it!
  • Deduce and solve scientific problems through an interactive visual analysis
  • Students don't just rote learn they learn through self analysis
  • Concepts are reinforced through adequate exercise
  • Visual experiments to help students understand more quickly
  • Activities and suggested instructions to build various scientific concept based classroom projects for enhanced learning