Discover the smart tool for smart schools!

Fabulous Features
Uniform delivery mechanism for the school
Interactive content, Pro active students!
All content has been mapped to the NCERT syllabus & framework
Easy-to-use digital interactive learning solution
Eduvantage Advantage
All multimedia content is suitable for the CBSE and State boards
Developed by an expert team of highly qualified teachers and technicians
Bi-lingual content available in both English and Hindi languages
Question bank at the end of each chapter
A low cost and high quality interactive classroom solution!
Accurate terminology in order to help the students learn new concepts with a greater clarity
Easy-to-understand content with a focus on establishing basic concepts and the harder areas of the curriculum
Increases the effectiveness of the teaching but does not replace the teacher as such

1. Difficult to understand physiological processes come to life.

2. 3D analysis and dissection of diagrams made possible.

3. Superior quality of animation with real life 2D and 3D effects along with a crystal clear sound output.

4. Augmented Reality that promotes enhanced learning through visual aid.

5. Highly attractive characters and colors which engages children.

6. Interactive modules.