School Solution:

  • In order for a school to have a digital footprint it is essential and necessary for them to have their own dynamic website that can be updated regularly
  • myschoolboard provides for a platform on which each school can have its own unique website
  • The content on the website can be updated instantly and by the school itself
Communication: SMS & Email
  • Parents today expect to get regular updates about their children and myschoolboard’s communication suite allows for that
  • SMS: The school can send out SMS’s to the parents of the students
  • Email: The school can send out emails to the parents of the students
  • Both SMS’s and Email’s can be sent, Class wise, Section wise, and even student wise
  • As per requirements SMS and Email’s can be set to be automated for regular activities
ERP: School management Tool



    1. Store all student records and information online
    2. Keep all contact information for the students parents/wards on the system
    3. Keep details pertaining to their fees and transport facilities
    4. Manage attendance for students online
    5. Add notes and documents for to each students profile




    1. Store all staff records and information online
    2. Manage departments and allocate teachers to different departments
    3. Manage staff attendance




    1. Add and remove classes as per requirements
    2. Assign specific teachers and staff to a specific class
    3. Add sections as per requirements



Teaching Content

    1. Store and manage teaching related content and information
    2. Content can be made visible based on needs, the academic material can be set to be made visible to the specific teacher who needs to access it




    1. Store and manage transport related details
    2. Catalogue and map out bus routes




    1. Keep track or student fees and payments
    2. Generate student receipts online



Circular /Event /Activity

    1. Manage and keep record of all events and activities at the school
    2. Send out circulars and messages at the same time as setting up events and activities on the ERP




    1. Keep track of all students and staff by making attendance online
    2. Parents can receive attendance updates for their students on SMS and Email
    3. Department heads and the principle can receive attendance updates for staff members




    1. Plan and organize class schedules
    2. Centrally manage, track and assign responsibilities for staff members through the ERP 



Official Holidays

    1. Add official holidays
    2. Manage holidays centrally on the ERP




    1. Parents can make payments online via a payment gateway


Assessments & Testing
  • Practice tests
  • Students can access practice tests and take mock assessments in order to practice
  • Testing solutions
  • Exams can be conducted on the system or via OMR answer sheets
  • Continues and comprehensive evaluation
  • Auto calculates and generates report card
  • Built in analytics for school and department
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